Tuesday, March 25, 2014

I Am Donating 100% of My Profits and Bonuses Between Now and April 6

Between the moment this blog post is published, until my birthday, April 6, I will be donating 100% of my profits and bonuses from doTERRA to relief efforts relating to the Snohomish County, Washington landslide. 

As most of you have probably heard, a small community near where I live in Washington was  wiped out in a horrible landslide. 14 people have been found dead, and 176 people are still unaccounted for. Homes in other areas have been flooded, and roads are damaged and blocked. The rescue and recovery effort is dangerous, because the mud is like quicksand, and sometimes 20-30 feet deep. 

Photo from KGW.com

If you can spare even $5, The Red Cross has set up an emergency shelter for survivors and evacuees. 

"The mudslide has divided the region and the Red Cross is responding on both sides of the impacted area. Red Cross workers are providing food and shelter to residents and first responders. As many as 30 people are staying in our shelters and dozens more are stopping in for information, meals and help from the Red Cross mental health staff." - Red Cross

Washington State Senator Patty Murray confirms that the best way to assist at the moment is to give money to The Red Cross directly.

 "Murray pledged that needed federal resources will be made available, and was joined by DelBene in praising Arlington Mayor Barbara Tolbert for her role in supporting those impacted by the landslide.

"She told me this morning that the donations have been incredible," Murray said of Tolbert. "She said, 'Please, if you want to help, give donations to the Red Cross directly.' Monetary donations are what they can really use at this point."" - The Marysville Globe
I make a profit whenever anyone makes an order and pays retail price through my website. I also make a profit whenever anyone signs up to either become a preferred member (to receive a 20% discount off of retail), or becomes a wholesale distributor (which does not require actually selling anything to maintain, and gives you 25% off of retail prices). I get a bonus whenever someone signs up to be a wholesale distributor. 
Between right now and my birthday on April 6, I will be donating all of it to The Snohomish County Red Cross.  If you have been wanting to try doTERRA anyway, buying from me over the next two weeks will go towards a good cause.
Obviously and unfortunately, whenever disasters like this pop up, scams follow. If you do not know me and aren't certain you trust me, you can still donate directly to the Red Cross by CLICKING HERE
Those of you who do know me know I will follow through on my promise. My community is hurting and I want to help, but I don't have a lot to spare. I am helping by spreading the word, and giving whatever I make. 
Thank you.
As an aside, the Red Cross has several disaster and emergency preparedness apps that not only offer information about planning and responding, but also ways to receive alerts, and let people know where you are and if you are okay. I was going to review them in a future post, but now is a good time to tell you that they are free, they are EXCELLENT, and they have one for floods. For both iPhones and Android.
Flood App Screenshot


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