Sunday, September 25, 2011

A Daddy's View On Attachment Parenting

My awesome Bryan posted an article today and then left a comment that made me all warm and fuzzy inside. I am LUCKY and BLESSED to have a partner who shares my parenting values.

If a monkey is smart enough to babywear without suffocating the little one, you can too. After all, you're smarter than a monkey, aren't you?
Parents have been warned about the dangers of carrying babies in slings after the death of a newborn child in South Australia.
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    • Bryan Terry I love baby wearing, especially as a father it gives me an opportunity to bond with my kiddos when they are very young. There has never been any concern about one of them dying ... if you take some VERY basic precautions, babywearing is a much better alternative.

      I honestly think that all these warnings come from stroller and baby-bucket manufacturers who are mad you are wearing your baby rather than carting them around in the removable carseat baby bucket or a designer stroller.

      Whenever I'm babywearing and I see a parent carting around the baby bucket and a thousand other things (its usually a mother with an oblivious husband, or with a passel of other kids) I feel bad for them. Babies aren't that complicated. You don't need a detachable bucket or stroller: get a sling. You don't need a bottle and all its accoutrements (generally speaking, there are exceptions): breastfeed. Use cloth diapers as opposed to spending hundreds a month of disposables; cosleep, don't get a crib and electronic monitoring devices.

      Babies thrive on interaction and modern parenthood has devised millions of ways to remove that interaction and place a(n) [usually expensive] intermediary device between parents and babies, typically to satisfy a parent's vanity.
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  1. My husband calls the car seat covers "infant torture devices". Think of it: most babies are strapped in those things for very long periods of time, not being able to move or wiggle around. He's a very empathetic person, what can I say?

    I know there are exceptions, but I see these things being abused on a near daily basis. I hate them. We're getting a car seat that just stays in the car; those are safer than the buckets anyway.

    Oh, and can I just say that I love my husband :)

  2. It makes life 1000% easier. I can't imagine having to fight with my partner on cosleeping and babywearing.

  3. I agree so much with this. At the same time I can't say that I wear my foster baby as much as I wore my daughter. #1 He pukes all over me whenever I do which is rather inconvenient in public (damn formula) and #2 It KILLS my back. The sucker is 3 months and weighs over 17 lbs! What would you, oh guru of babywearing suggest that I do in this case? FYI When I say "puke" I mean projectile vomiting of stinky formula bile nastiness.

  4. That's really weird. Does it happen while he's upright? Does he need to switch to soy formula or goat formula? Not sure there.